Product info:

Design: Originating from Chinese elements and European luxurious styles, to meet different styles of architectural designs.

Raw materials: Adopting highly weather-resistant ASA engineering resin
Technology: Adopts the most advanced co-extrusion technology for one-step compositing. The surface layer is  ASA weather-resistant material, and the bottom layer is made with corrosion-resistant polyethylene and other materials.

Features: Lasting colors, light weight, water resistance, high toughness, heat preservation and insulation, sound insulation, corrosion-resistance, wind and vibration resistance, hailstone resistance, stain-resistance, environmental protection, fire-resistance, isolation, ease of installation, as well as elegant, three-dimensional shape, Chinese elements in coloring. Extensively used in various permanent building roof decoration, particularly slope roofing projects highly recommended in the country,the decorative tile truly achieving city beautification.

Main tile size:
Thickness: 3.0mm               Width: 1050/880mm
Length: Customized according to the times of pitch
Wave spacing: 160mm;       Wave height: 30mm;
Pitch: 220mm

Product color:


Product Application:

Mainly used in slope roof, villa roof, mobile house roof, pavilion roof etc.